Enoteca Sydney and I Maccheroni Restaurant would like to invite you to this very special Sicilian Dinner with Giuseppe Russo who will visit us in Sydney in February .
Girolamo Russo , Passopischiaro , Mt Etna
These are some of the most compelling wines in the world at this very moment . While Sicilian wines are currently all the rage only few achieve the heights of this Estate . For Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo lovers, Nerello Mascalese is an exciting find. It can produce reds with impressive delicacy as well as those with great structure. It is a complex grape grown in a complex terroir. The vineyards are planted on ancient lava flows, all varying in age and mineral content as well as soil composition. Giuseppe Russo has been organically farming his family’s old vineyards, many of the vines around 100 years of age, and he is restoring the old cellar under his house.
Passopischiaro is the area historically recognized as the finest in the appellation for fine red wines, with vineyards between 600- 850 m above sea level .
Marcello Farioli has created a special Menu for the evening to create the perfect fusion between food and wine .

To start :

Mushroom Arancini
2015 Santa maria La Nave ‘Tempesta ‘ Metodo classico’ , Grecanico Dorato 

First course :
Tuna carpaccio, Cardamon, Romesco, Celery
2018 Girolamo Russo ‘Nerina bianco ‘ / Carricante 

Second Course :

Pasta con le Sarde
2018 Girolamo Russo Rosato / Nerello Mascalese

Main Course :

Suckling Pig, cannellini, chicory, black olives with the reds
2017Girolamo Russo ‘A rina 
2017 Girolamo Russo San Lorenzo 
2017 Girolamo Russo Calderara Sottana 
2017 Girolamo Russo Feudo di Mezzo 

Dessert :

Cannoli with Honey Yoghurt Custard & Marsala
Alagna Zibbibo Vino Liquoroso 
Alagna Marsala Dolce