The region is known for some of Italy’s best-known reds such as Valpolicella, which is gaining popularity overseas due to improved quality. Bardolino is another soft, fragrant red whose native home is in the Verona area of Veneto. Soave, strong and dry, is the best known of the region’s white wines but others include Gambellara, Bianco di Custoza and Vigne Alte. Grappa, Italy’s indigenous distilled liquor is made from the stems and skins of wine grapes after the harvest. The spirits produced here (and in Friuli) are considered some of the best in the country and are fiery and strong.

Let’s talk a bit about food too 😉

Mozzarella in Carrozza

Baccala’ Alla Vicentina

Bigoli with Duck Ragout

3 courses for $49

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