If there is anything to know about Italians, it is that they are very passionate about their food. If you have ever eaten quality Italian food though, you can understand why they are so passionate. While there is not much to dislike about Italian food, when you are eating at an Italian restaurant not everything is going to be worth the money. That being said, there are also dishes that will have you salivating for more so next time you go to an Italian restaurant there are some meals to skip and others are must-tries. For starters, if you are going to eat lasagne then an Italian restaurant is the ideal place. Authentic lasagne is not always easy to make at home and nobody does it better than Italians so why are you there, you might as well indulge in this Italian staple. If the restaurant you are eating at offers homemade pasta, then do not pass up the opportunity. There is something special about homemade pasta that makes it superior to any other type. Order it with a thin tomato sauce or olive oil to really ensure you can experience the incredible flavour. Other food to not overlook is anything braised, veal dishes or the ultimate Italian deep-fried comfort delight, arancini. These dishes are normally stellar and well worth every penny. Some food to avoid, not always because of the taste but the price is not worth it. Dishes like margherita pizza are guilty of this. Also, spaghetti Bolognese is another dish you will find that is easy to make at home and often a lot cheaper.

How to Pick an Italian Restaurant

Being outside of Italy, there can be quite a high level of difference between a quality, authentic Italian restaurant to one that is offering more Italian inspired food. If you are wanting an authentic Italian food experience, then it is important to do the research and not just waltz into a restaurant with an Italian sounding name that serves pizza and pasta. Asking your friends and family is always the first port of call, as well as looking up reviews of places in your area. Once you have a bit of an idea what is out there, there are certain clues that give away whether an Italian restaurant is authentic or not. One of them being only offering a menu based off of seasonal ingredients. This shows just how much the chef and owner care about the quality of the food, a true sign that they are serving quality Italian food. Check the menu to also see if the menu serves other styles of food, particularly fast food like hot chips and burgers. This is probably a good indication that the food is more aimed at people wanting to have a casual and fast dining experience, not one necessarily is looking for authentic cuisine. Like any restaurant, regardless of the type of food, service is always important. Even if the food tastes good, if you are not being treated well then you are not going to have a great experience. There is nothing quite like quality Italian cuisine, so if you are really looking for a great experience, make the effort to find an authentic Italian restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

Why us?

With the range of Italian restaurants in Sydney, what makes I Maccheroni a must visit? I Maccheroni has mastered the art of fine dining and brings to our clientele the most simple and authentic Italian food. Letting the natural flavours and produce speak for themselves, our menu is based around fresh and quality ingredients and we are always creating cuisine from all different regions of Italian, true to their authentic origins. From our fresh gnocchi, spaghetti, tortellini and ravioli, to our flavourful arancini, every bite is an experience. Follow up with our classic tiramisu, panna cotta or even an affogato and you have a culinary experience unlike any other outside of Italy. With an amazing dine in experience, a takeaway menu designed for every palate and even home-dinner kits brought in for this current climate, I Maccheroni is well-loved by many Sydney customers for good reason.