A language that has been equated with romance, Italian was born from the ashes of Latin, as it was a language of the ‘common’ people. With the famed expansion of the once great Roman empire, the language changed and evolved across the lands. Like Italian, other languages were born such as Spanish, Portuguese and French but it was the language once called Romanian that is the Italian that is used today. Italy though is a land with many different dialects and flavours throughout its regions, and even today there is so much culture and identity that is preserved and attached to everywhere you go throughout Italy. While the dialect that most people know was Italian was once one that was only attached to the wealthy and for literary expression, post-World War II has seen it become more widely spoken. While ninety percent of Italy do speak this main version of Italian, with dialects used in certain regions and accents still heavy in some places, it does not mean that each region has lost its identity. Just like language, throughout Italy there are so many different forms of art, culture and of course food. Which is why when you are wanting to go to an Italian restaurant, getting the most authentic experience is a must. That way you can sample all of the best flavours and dishes that Italy has to offer from Sicily to Rome to Tuscany. With Naples being the home of the perfect pizza and to the plains of between Turin and Milan known for their risotto, a great Italian restaurant will have a diverse menu to sample and taste. 

Why Learn Italian?

Music, art and sport, these are just some of the things that can transcend language barriers, but nothing quite does this better than food. We can share food and even if people cannot pronounce the names, often the simple act of sharing a dish is a way to experience cultures outside of our own. If you do decide to learn Italian though, it can give you an even greater insight into the culture of Italy. It can open doors and take you across the world and if you do decide to make that trip over to Italy, having a decent command of Italian may come in handy. It can open areas beyond the normal tourism spots and help you taste more of the culture, literally and figuratively. Italy is known very widely for its food culture, so imagine having more insight into this wonderful country and being able to sample the culinary delights of the region and speak with the locals in every area. There is something about learning another language that can help you experience a culture on a deeper level so whenever you step into an Italian restaurant to sample the local cuisine, you will be able to go to the places where English is not used giving you a taste of the authentic Italy. Unfortunately, it might be awhile till we are able to go to Italy again, so how about practicing your Italian skills and keeping your appetite for learning the language wet by heading to the best Italian restaurant in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, I Maccheroni.

Culture Through Food

Many of us miss the freedom of travelling. Whether it is for that long-awaited overseas adventure, visiting family overseas or even just the option of being able to go and connect with your roots, the world feels a lot bigger when you are not allowed to travel internationally. Rather than getting too down over the situation, it gives us the opportunity to get a little more creative with the way we learn about new or dive deeper into our own culture. Learning a language, watching travel vlogs or studying the history and culture of a country can be a great immersive experience and a motivating way to plan for what adventures you may take once the world is open again. Another way to truly experience a culture is by partaking in the food of that country so if you are wanting to experience authentic Italian cuisine, whether you are Italian, missing Italy or wanting to experience it for the first time, then going to an authentic Italian restaurant is an exciting experience. Food is truly one of the best ways to experience other cultures, so if you are wanting to truly experience parts of Italy, look for an authentic Italian restaurant that will transport your taste buds even if you cannot physically go there at the moment.