Pizza in Australia has been one of our favourite dishes for decades, especially in Sydney with its amazing food scene. It has become so popular in many situations. Whether you are catering for a last minute gathering of a large group of friends, want an easy option to treat the family with at the end of the week or just want to enjoy it all to yourself, pizza is a versatile, tasty and popular option, which is no wonder around it has become a food so synonymous with ease and comfort. When you start talking about Italian food, pizza is one of the first dishes that people think about. Ordering pizza from an Italian restaurant though, you will soon find that when it comes to pizza, we are not talking about the greasy, cheap option that leaves you feeling a little ill afterwards. No, at an Italian restaurant, we are talking about quality, authentic and traditional Italian pizza that hits a spot that nothing else quite does. A pizza you order from an Italian restaurant will have simple, fresh and quality ingredients that shine on the perfect dough, making it an absolutely delectable. Using the right balance of herbs, toppings, sauce and absolutely the most authentic and well-produced cheeses, all cooked to absolute perfection, pizza from an Italian restaurant is a treat that everybody deserves to enjoy and that is why it has become such an Italian favourite.

The Perfect Wine List

Anybody that has even a base knowledge of wine knows that when it comes to having a wine with your meal, there is a perfect drop for every dish. This is why having an extensive wine list is such an important addition to any restaurant and it is something a quality Italian restaurant will know all too well. The wine you pair with your meal can really be enhanced when you match the flavour profiles which is why at I Maccheroni, the best of the best of Italian restaurants in Sydney, not only do we have a comprehensive list of wines but we also include the description of the wines so you are able to order the right drop for your tastes and too be paired with your meal. With such a wide variety of sparkling and champagne, whites, rose and reds, we have wines from a range of different regions. Just like we believe in using quality and fresh ingredients in our meals, we also hold our wine list in the same regard, only stocking the highest quality drops that are perfect partners for all our dishes. If wine is not your normal taste, but still are looking for something alcoholic, we also have some great beers and ciders available, giving them the same love and attention on our menu so you know exactly what to expect when you order them. As any quality Italian restaurant knows, food is a celebration which is why we have an offer wines, beers, ciders, cocktails and other spirits. Have a look at our menu and see what takes your fancy.

Eating Out with Covid Restrictions

Fortunately, Australia has been starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and even in this most problematic regions, COVID19 has been handled in a way that has led to the resumption of many activities that we have missed out on during the pandemic. One of these activities has been dining out. We understand that some people have been hesitant to dine out during this time but at I Maccheroni, we have been operating in line with the Government guidelines and can assure you, our Italian restaurant is a safe place for all diners. To be sure, we have been maintaining high hygiene standards, increased food safety measures, retrained our staff in COVID protocols, monitoring the activities and wellness of our employees, deep cleaning our premises on a daily basis and following and enforcing all the rules that the government has set out to keep us all safe. To do your part, we require that all people who dine with us scan in with a QR code upon arrival and help us maintain social distancing requirements. Eating out now that is safe to do so is a great way to support local businesses and our Italian restaurant in the Eastern suburbs, like many other restaurants has felt the impact of the pandemic, so your support during this time is greatly appreciated.