I Maccheroni’s Tuesday Italian Regional Special : Piemonte, Italy.


Piemonte: Taste Of the North

The menu in Piedmont differs greatly from that of the rest of Italy – and its famous truffles reign supreme

Piedmont has a cuisine unlike any other Italian region.

Olives don’t grow well in this climate and so the local cooking relies more on butter and lard, ingredients which lend a silky texture and hearty aroma.

The gamey local meats and root vegetables are generally cooked for long periods on a low heat, letting the flavours develop slowly and giving a deliciously rich, tasty character to Piedmontese dishes.

Rather than the pizzas and tomato-based pasta sauces familiar from elsewhere in Italy, in Piedmont you’re more likely to come across risotto, polenta and even cheese fondue (most of Italy’s gorgonzola is still made here).

Traditional Piedmont cuisine relies on rich flavours, full-bodied wines and indulgent desserts.

We are celebrating this Italian treasure with a special regional dinner at I Maccheroni.