I Maccheroni‘s Tuesday Italian Regional Special: Puglia, Italy.

We all know where Italy is on the map, and if we don’t we just look for that Italian boot !

This weeks regional Special comes from the “heel of of Italy’s boot”; a region called Puglia. Famous for its whitewash towns, miles of  Mediterranean coastline and most importantly the food!

Italian food can be simple but with fresh produce, flavours and Nona’s fine touch it has some of the most flavoursome, exciting dishes in the world. Puglia is home to some of these traditional foods like olives, chickpeas, tomatoes and of course fresh seafood.

Food and eating is a tradition for the people in Puglia and they don’t hide it. The ancient streets are filed with the fragrance of food with families sitting outside sharing their stories and the food they’ve made.

There is no doubt the heel of the country should be celebrated and this Tuesday I Maccheroni is designing a regional menu that does just that.

Enjoy a three course meal for $39 pp and a glass of matching wine for only $8.

Tuesday 30 July

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