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Regional Special: Sardegna, Italy

I Maccheroni‘s Tuesday Italian Regional Special: Sardegna, Italy.

Tuesday 2nd of July

Sardegna is Italy’s largest Island. Surrounded by 2000km of coastline with mountain terrain, it is one of the most beautiful spots in Italy (and maybe the world!).

As for the food, there’s nothing like that of Sardinia’s…

There are approximately 3000 sheep on this Italian Island and the locals know exactly what to do with them. Make cheese! Pecorino is their pride and joy and can be found in almost every traditional pasta dish.

But as an Island that is covered by Mediterranean ocean, it comes with no surprise that seafood plays centre stage in the region’s cuisine. From Tuna caught in the south-west to sea urchins caught  in the North.

I Maccheroni is creating a menu dedicated to Sardegna’s traditional foods. Book now and join us for a three course meal for only $39pp. Available for the whole table.

Enjoy a three course meal for $39 pp and a glass of matching wine for only $8.


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