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Regional Special: Molise, Italy

I Maccheroni‘s Tuesday Italian Regional Special: Molise, Italy.

Molise, one of smallest regions in Italy as well as the youngest has more to it than Italians claim. Situated on the East Coast it boasts beauty with mountainous landscapes and one of Italy’s most beautiful coastline, the southern Adriatic coast.

When walking around the quiet streets of Molise, you’ll find dishes on the menu that aren’t so familiar like the typical Sicilian arancini or Rome’s spaghetti alla carbonara. Molise holds its own traditions and situated between the mountain and the sea, the locals have created some tantalising flavours with local produce.

With sheep farming a great importance to the locals there’s an abundance of mutton which has given the locals the opportunity to perfect the dish. So from the land comes the traditional dish mangiarebuono – famous with the locals, the mutton is slow cooked in a copper container brining out the intense flavour of the meat and partnered with an assortment of vegetables and spices.

Being the youngest region in Italy and sandwiched between two well established regions, its amazing to see Molise grow and gain its own traditions and customs.

Enjoy a three course meal for $39pp and a glass of wine for an additional $8.

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