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Valle d'Aosta Region

Regional Special: Valle d’Aosta, Italy

I Maccheroni’s Tuesday Italian Regional Special: Valle d’Aosta, Italy.

Valle d’Aosta is the smallest region in Italy but possibly the most dramatic of all!


Bordering Switzerland and France, this snow-capped mountainous region in Italy is located Northwest Italy. Known for its ski resorts such as Mont-Blanc, it also has a history dating back to the 14th century where you can find old castles and fortresses.

Valle d’Aosta’s has very cold winters and unlike most of the other regions, it serves up cosy hearty food that keeps the locals warm. So don’t expect traditional Italian pasta when visiting this region.

The local Italian dishes here include soups, polenta and rice-based meals, keeping you fuller for longer. Also, rich cheeses play an essential role in the locals’ diet, and its production dating all the way back to the Middle Ages.

Fontina, a cheese we may have all heard of was born in the valley and is the most popular cheese of the region. Pungent and full-bodied, you’ll most likely find this cheese in most of the little Italian towns here.

When not eating, you’ll find the locals drinking their famous Italian coffee. However, it’s slightly different here, both in taste and service. Locals offer the Cup of Friendship: Coffee served in a beautifully carved piece of wood, mixed with brandy and génépy (a herbal liquor), a way to keep you happy!

So as Sydney nights start to get cooler, we thought we could warm you up with a menu from Valle d’Aosta this coming Tuesday.


Enjoy a three-course Italian meal for $39 pp and a glass of matching wine for only $8.

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