I Maccheroni’s Tuesday Italian Regional Special: Veneto, Italy.

Veneto is situated North East of Italy surrounded by the mountains and seas.

Veneto has a lot to offer and is one of Italy’s top tourist destinations; not just for its scenery but also for its traditional Venetian food.

Unlike most regions in Italy, pasta isn’t a staple in the Veneto culture. Instead, you will find rice and polenta as the base of many dishes. Although much of the rice is imported from other regions in Italy, just outside the city of Verona, you will find rice paddies used to make dishes such as risotto.

Veneto is probably best known as a wine producing region, creating famous Italian wine – both red and white to pair up with all the meals of the day.

Join I Maccheroni for a Tuesday Night Special where the best of Veneto’s food and wine is celebrated.

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Enjoy a three-course meal for $39 pp and a glass of matching wine for only $8.

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